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Helping All Kids Get More Exercise
and Have Fun

It’s time to make therapeutic exercise more fun and beneficial for children with medical special needs, rehabilitation regimens, mobility limitations, and those at risk for childhood obesity. Mobility for Kids is committed to making this happen at children’s hospitals, pediatric clinics, and schools. Powered by generous donations from businesses and individuals, we fund medical research on pediatric exercise therapy. We also donate innovative physical therapy and interactive mobility equipment to support pediatric therapists and adapted P.E. teachers across the nation.

Join Us and Make a Difference in Children’s Lives

Girl with cerebral palsy rides a Pumper Car vehicle during therapy session

Here’s What We Do


All kids just want to have fun and play with their friends. That’s why we partner with companies, foundations, and individuals nationwide to promote fun and good health. A $700 donation can purchase a Pumper Car® ride-on vehicle for the school of your choice. This device provides full-body exercise for kids of all abilities. It also offers mobility and therapy for children with special needs. More details about this dynamic program, including marketing and sponsorship opportunities, can be found on Our Programs page.


One of our primary objectives is to help fund medical research in pediatric exercise therapy related to mobility. Because one in 36 children in the United States has been identified with autism spectrum disorder, our initial research focus will be in the area of exercise therapy for children with autism.* Dozens of physical therapists and P.E. teachers around the country have told us that vigorous exercise associated with mobility helps calm children with autism and assists them to focus on tasks. Our goal is to fund research into the benefits of various modes of exercise therapy for children with autism, such as with mobility devices.

*Center for Disease Control, April 2023 report


Children with special needs benefit greatly from therapy and rehabilitation that helps them build strength, endurance, coordination, and even focus. This requires special exercise equipment that they use in hospitals and clinics with the guidance of pediatric physical therapists. We invite you to join us through our Strive and Thrive program. Our goal is to provide pediatric physical therapists nationwide with the best equipment that maximizes results and helps these children thrive.

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