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Our Mission

Children with physical and medical special needs too often don’t have the equipment or resources available to enjoy the quality of life and health they deserve. Mobility for Kids is on a mission to change that. We accomplish this by helping fund medical research in pediatric exercise therapy and donations of beneficial equipment. As a leader in supporting the development of interactive personal transportation, one of our key initiatives is to provide innovative therapeutic mobility equipment to schools, children’s hospitals, recreation centers, and families. All our efforts are powered by donations from and partnerships with individuals, companies, and organizations nationwide.


Our Dedicated Approach

Mobility for Kids’ programs have focused on exercise therapy and fitness for children from the very beginning, especially for kids with special needs. We identified this population as being underserved because so many have difficulty using traditional mobility equipment, such as bicycles and even wheelchairs. This not only results in kids with special needs having fewer opportunities to be active but it also negatively affects their inclusion. That's the case whether they are playing with siblings or participating in mobility-related activities with friends.

In 2018, we began looking for ways to help children be more active and mobile. Our search led us to the award-winning mobility device called the Pumper Car® ride-on vehicle. The unique design impressed us because it requires kids to use both their upper and lower extremities to move the car. While kids ride around thinking they’re just having fun, they’re actually getting a vigorous full-body workout. Plus, it’s an extremely durable toy that’s fully tested and safe to ride. These ride-on toys are designated by the FDA as non-measuring medical devices for children ages 3 to 12. We decided that a good place to start our efforts would be to facilitate the acquisition of Pumper Car devices by children’s hospitals, pediatric therapists, and adapted P.E. programs in schools.

We quickly found that a growing number of these healthcare professionals were having great success using Pumper Car ride-on vehicles with children of all abilities. Importantly, they reported that children with autism, Down syndrome, spina bifida, cerebral palsy, type 2 diabetes, and many other conditions were highly engaged and achieving measurable benefits from this mobility-related exercise.

That’s when we inaugurated the Help Kids Drive to Success program. We wanted to improve the lives of as many children as possible, so we have focused our efforts on donating Pumper Car devices to children's hospitals and schools across the nation.

As we learned more about the positive impact of exercise with children, we found that far more research is called for in the field of exercise therapy. Not only should more types of mobility-related exercise equipment be tested for therapeutic efficacy, but we can also help fund the development of new innovative equipment. This has become the second key initiative for Mobility for Kids: Rise with Research.

Our third area of focus, Strive and Thrive, provides pediatric physical therapists with the best available therapeutic exercise equipment and tools. Therapy can be hard work, but there’s no reason it can’t be fun, too. We help pediatric therapists acquire equipment that children will enjoy using while achieving optimal results from their sessions.

Finally, we are dedicated to working with professionals in schools, government, business, and healthcare through our multiple community outreach programs.

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