An Anonymous Donor Tasked Our Foundation with a Special Request

Ten days before Christmas, an anonymous donor tasked our foundation with a special request: “Please find a deserving family who could use a Pumper Car® unit and deliver it by Christmas.”

Our elves immediately went to work and contacted the physical therapists at OHSU/Doernbecher Child Development and Rehabilitation Center for a recommendation. Within hours, the therapists contacted us with an ideal match: the Quigley family, which includes five children with autism. Each child receives some type of therapy at the Center or elsewhere. For the past five years, several of the children have used a Pumper Car device during therapy—and they absolutely love it.

Their mother, Kari, was thrilled to receive a Pumper Car Uniflex™ model that has an adjustable seat. This will allow the four younger children, her teenage son, and even Kari herself to ride it.

“Now that everyone is in school and thriving,” Kari said, “it can be difficult to balance getting everyone to therapy. The Pumper Car will be a great addition to our routine at home to help carry over treatment from OHSU.”

She also said the ride-on device would provide numerous benefits for her family. “It’s a safe way to be able to move their bodies and to get out energy when they are feeling overstimulated,” Kari explained. “It will allow them to exercise outside in the yard, as well as inside the garage on rainy days. It provides them with a positive way to let out frustration instead of engaging in unsafe behaviors. The children will be able to build skills such as patience, sharing, and waiting. But most importantly, it’s a way to have fun as a family.”

The team at Mobility for Kids was very happy to fulfill our donor’s Christmas wish (three days early) and deliver this gift to a very special family. This is one Christmas gift that will be used daily throughout the year.

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