Community Outreach

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Advocacy for Federal Funding for Schools to Promote Good Health

Mobility for Kids has committed to support Senate Bill 72 (SB 72), which provides grants to school districts serving over seven million students to purchase exercise therapy equipment for kids with special needs. Without the funding ensured by SB 72, schools are challenged to satisfy mandates of The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act regarding children’s fitness and inclusion. Mobility for Kids is working with SB 72’s sponsor, Senator Chris Van Hollen from Maryland, as well as several other congressional sponsors to get the bill passed as part of our community outreach initiatives.

Supporting the Work of Children’s Hospitals with Assistive Technologies

Assistive technology is constantly changing and it’s often difficult for professionals to be aware of the latest developments. Our community outreach at Mobility for Kids includes helping pediatric therapists at children’s hospitals become aware of innovative, effective assistive and exercise technologies. These devices may be incorporated into their therapy and rehabilitation regimens for children with disabilities ranging from autism and Down syndrome to spina bifida and obesity.

Research on Mobility Devices to Improve the Lives of Children with Special Needs

Mobility for Kids prioritizes funding research into the efficacy of exercise therapy for children with special needs. For example, we aim to fund research similar to that of the University of Michigan’s independent review study “Acute Effects of a Therapeutic Mobility Device on Physical Activity and Heart Rate in Children with Down Syndrome.” In their findings published in Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport, the University of Michigan scholars stated that an assistive technology ride-on device called a Pumper Car offered measurable benefits for all children, including those with medical conditions such as Down syndrome. Study results like these will support Mobility for Kids’ community outreach to children’s hospitals, exercise therapists, schools, and families for equipment trials and adoption of innovative mobility devices.

Community Outreach to Educators to Address Childhood Fitness and Obesity

Educators frequently contact Mobility for Kids to express the need for exercise therapy and physical therapy devices. They strive to improve children’s fitness and address the increasing prevalence of childhood obesity. Moreover, they hope to “level the playing field” for children who are unable to play and exercise with peers due to mobility limitations. As a result, Mobility for Kids plans to reach out to all fifty state directors of Special Education to provide exercise-related resources that support special education programs and Adapted P.E. teachers.

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