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Mobility for Kids works to educate our donors about the benefits as well as the challenges associated with exercise therapy for children. This includes issues faced by healthcare professionals, awareness about innovative assistive technologies and methodologies, considerations for parents and Adapted PE teachers, and dissemination of information on a variety of topics of interest to individuals and organizations who wish to help improve children’s lives.

The short articles in this section include:

What Is Autism and How Therapy Can Help?

There are mysteries about this condition that affects so many children. However, 1 thing is for certain, physical therapy is crucial to help these children and their families.

Value of Exercise Therapy Equipment for Children with Special Needs

Physical activity is critical for all children, but it’s even more important for children with special needs.

Benefits of Exercise

  • Improved motor skills
  • Increased strength and flexibility
  • Enhanced emotional well-being
  • Better social skills

Use of Assistive Technology for Pediatric Physical Therapists at Children's Hospitals

Assistive technology has revolutionized the field of pediatric physical therapy, providing tools to children with disabilities that can improve their quality of life, enhance their independence, and support their development.

Assistive Technology Ride-on Devices for Children

Assistive technology for mobility has become an important tool for children with physical disabilities and special needs, helping them improve everything from their physical fitness to their independence.

Addressing Childhood Fitness and Obesity

With rates of obesity and overweight children steadily increasing, childhood obesity is a major public health concern in many countries around the world.

Pediatric Physical Therapists: It’s Like Eating Your Vegetables

Therapists are faced with multiple challenges to keep children motivated in therapy sessions. These include providing engaging activities, handling their young patients’ complex medical issues and needs, and keeping up to date on advancements in the field.

Philanthropy: Funding Innovative Ways to Improve Children’s Health

Critical research and new solutions are funded in part by philanthropy. These generous gifts help professionals find ways to address everything from preventing childhood diseases to improving kids’ fitness.

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