Guaranty presents Pumper Car vehicles to Eugene School District

Contributions to our Help Kids Drive to Success Program

Mobility for Kids is grateful for our newest sponsors’ contributions to our Help Kids Drive to Success program. Guaranty, the region’s leading RV dealer, and Jerry’s, a home improvement center, recently stepped up to help children in Eugene, Oregon. All of these vehicles will be placed in Eugene’s 4J School District.

At today’s socially distanced presentation, Guaranty’s owner, Shannon Nill, delivered the six Pumper Cars to the Eugene 4J district office. Mr. Nill was impressed with how these cars will help students learn about directionality in a fun way while getting exercise. “It will give {kids with special needs} a chance to get around,” he noted. “These kids might not have the exercise options that most kids have. This can start that. They can be proud of themselves in being able to get around. Everybody’s gonna bloom, in part because of these.”

On hand for the mini event were, left to right: Katherine Lange, the district’s Student Services Director, Lara Arkin, Mobility for Kids’ Outreach Director, and Shannon Nill, Owner of Guaranty Chevrolet in Junction City.

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