Donating a Mini-Fleet of Cars to Oregon School Children

Star power. In our book, that’s what Shannon Nill and Guaranty Chevrolet have. And we have the lights and camera to prove it.

Today marked the third time this generous man and his company donated a mini-fleet of cars to Oregon school children. KEZI-TV was there to cover his delivery of four more Pumper Cars to the Eugene 4J School District.

Nill thanked “the Eugene school district for partnering with Guaranty Chevrolet. These cars give young people the opportunity to operate a vehicle, even if they can’t operate a trike, bike or skateboard.”

This brings the total of Guaranty Chevrolet’s gift to the Help Kids Drive to Success program to 19 cars. We look forward to working with Mr. Nill and other sponsors throughout the country to fulfill his wish, “to see more kids have a chance to enjoy the freedom of mobility.”

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