Giving Back – Les Schwab Tire Centers in Washington County

The Les Schwab Tire Centers in Washington County are dedicated to giving back to the community. Last fall they generously gave nine Pumper Cars to the Beaverton School District, and today they delighted students, staff, and parents with a dozen Pumper Cars to use throughout the Forest Grove School District.

Aaron Smithers, manager of the Walker Road store said, “We take pride in giving back to our local communities. School resources and budgets keep getting tighter and tighter, leaving gaps in physical education, especially for those with physical obstacles. Providing these Pumper Cars to our local schools helps bridge any budget gaps and will provide all kids with a great opportunity to have fun and keep active. We are honored to join forces with Mobility for Kids to provide these cars to the kids.”

Forest Grove School District superintendent David Parker and Adapted P.E. specialist Katie Waterstreet were on hand to receive the Pumper Cars. Ms. Waterstreet explained that she wanted the Pumper Cars for the Forest Grove students because they will be “another mode of exercise for all our students to access indoors and outdoors. The push/pull movement needed to use the Pumper Cars provides the [students with important] feedback their muscles need to regulate their movement and emotions.”

Students at Fern Hill Elementary were the first to try out this new form of exercise that will be incorporated into the district’s P.E. curriculum. They were obviously having so much fun that the adults who attended the presentation had to try them out as well. Everyone agreed that this is an enjoyable way to get a full-body workout.

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