Helping All Kids Have Fun and Get More Exercise

Helping All Kids Have Fun and Get More Exercise


Children with physical and medical special needs too often don’t have the equipment or resources available to enjoy the quality of life and health they deserve. Mobility for Kids is on a mission to change that. We accomplish this by helping to fund medical research in pediatric exercise therapy and donations of beneficial equipment. As a leader in supporting the development of interactive personal transportation, one of our key initiatives is to provide innovative therapeutic mobility equipment to schools, children’s hospitals, recreation centers, and families. All our efforts are powered by donations from and partnerships with individuals, companies, and organizations nationwide.


Help Kids Drive to Success

We partner with companies, foundations, and individuals nationwide to promote fun and good health. A $600 donation can purchase a Pumper Car for the school of your choice. This ride-on device provides full-body exercise for kids of all abilities. It also offers mobility and therapy for children with special needs. More details about this dynamic program, including marketing opportunities and sponsorship levels can be found on Our Programs page.


Medical research

Mobility for Kids to medical research in exercise therapy related to mobility. Our initial research focus will be in the area of exercise therapy for children with autism. This is because 1 in 36 children in the US has been identified with autism spectrum disorder.* We have talked with dozens of physical therapists and PE teachers around the country who have found that using vigorous exercise associated with mobility helps calm children with autism and assists them to focus on tasks. Our goal is to fund research into the benefits of various modes of exercise therapy for children with autism, such as with mobility devices.

*Center for Disease Control, April 2023 report

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