Improving Their Communities at a Local Level

Les Schwab’s company motto is, “Doing the right thing matters.” Its various stores strive to find ways that they can help and improve their communities at a local level. Their reasons aren’t necessarily to obtain publicity but simply because it’s the right thing to do.

The Les Schwab manager at Washington Square, Pablo Meza, believes that his company’s mission should involve doing something for local children with special needs. When he learned about the Pumper Car, he knew he’d found a unique way to help. He appreciated how the exercise device looks like a toy but actually provides a full-body workout for children of all abilities.

Today, the Beaverton School District gratefully received a Pumper Car generously donated by Meza and Les Schwab. Amy Wood, a K-2 teacher in the Independent Skill Center at William Walker Elementary School, was thrilled with the donation. She commented that her classroom, supports students who are severely affected “by their disabilities which include autism spectrum disorder, intellectual disabilities, vision and/or orthopedic impairments. Students in my classroom are multi-modal communicators. They use visual picture exchange, voice output devices, pointing and gestures, voice approximations, as well as vocal speech. We also have varying levels of mobility in our classroom.

Before Covid-19 shut down schools last year, her class had the opportunity to test drive a Pumper Car. She was pleasantly surprised to learn that a student who frequently is in “melt-down mode” happily waited his turn and was delighted to drive the Pumper Car around the gym. 

Wood feels that the “Pumper Car will give her students the chance to practice important skills like waiting and turn taking that will serve them in many facets of their lives.” Furthermore, she believes that this device will help her students “discover how things are connected and work. Some of my students will discover and master muscle control during movement. For others, it just allows them to engage with something fun to get their physical and sensory needs met while at school.”

Mesa said that Les Schwab was happy to donate to Mobility for Kids because it’s such a great cause to make sure all children, like these in Amy Wood’s class, have the chance to exercise and play.

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