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Elementary students use Pumper car vehicles in gym class

Help Kids Drive to Success

This program is one of our most popular. We match corporations, community service organizations, and civic-minded individuals with local schools that need interactive mobility equipment for kids. Each donation of $700 provides a Pumper Car® ride-on vehicle to the school of the donor’s choice. This device allows almost all children, including those with Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, autism, or numerous other physical issues, to participate in physical activities with their peers.

We invite you to watch the short videos below that describe this exciting program. Click on the button below to learn more details and see a list of the schools that need your help.


How Pumper Car® Vehicles Help Children


Mobility for Kids Foundation


How You Can Become Involved

Girl with prosthetic legs climbing outdoor play structure

Rise with Research

We’re dedicated to advancing medical research efforts in pediatric exercise therapy and children’s fitness, particularly as they relate to mobility. Because so many families in the United States are affected by autism, our initial focus is on research that supports scientists who work in this field.

To read more about Mobility for Kids’ efforts to support this research associated with improving the health of children with autism, we invite you to click below. Your donation to fund this research will further studies to identify new methods of improving the health of kids with autism.

Boy on Pumper Car vehicle during therapy session

Strive and Thrive

Many children don’t like physical or rehabilitative therapy. They often see it as boring or a struggle because it usually requires activities that are repetitive, mechanical, and fatiguing. Our Strive and Thrive program provides innovative equipment to pediatric clinics and children’s hospitals throughout the country that these young patients actually look forward to using because they think they’re just having fun. Actually, this equipment measurably improves the children’s coordination, motor skills, endurance, strength, and even their attitudes about exercise.

Learn the details about our work with hospitals and clinics by clicking below.

Kids play during recess

Community Outreach

Mobility for Kids is actively engaged in multiple areas of outreach to promote better health and wellness of children, especially those with special needs. We advocate for federal funding for schools to promote good health, such as supporting Senate Bill 72 to provide grants to school districts to purchase exercise therapy equipment for kids with special needs. In our support of children’s hospitals, we acquire funding to purchase innovative assistive technologies and therapeutic exercise devices to improve outcomes of the children they treat. Soon we’ll launch an initiative to work with all state directors of Special Education to provide exercise-related resources that support special-education programs and the work of adapted P.E. teachers. We’re committed to working within communities to improve the health and fitness of children with special needs.

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