Strive and Thrive

Two boys use Pumper Car vehicles during therapy session

Physical therapy for kids recovering from injuries or those with special needs should be more fun. Mobility for Kids understands this and sees this as an area where we can help.

A growing number of hospitals and clinics use Pumper Car® vehicles and other innovative mobility equipment to engage their young patients with a fun activity, and the result has been astounding. Children who use the cars make measurable improvement in their coordination, motor skills, endurance, strength, and even their attitudes about exercise.

By providing mobility devices to pediatric hospitals and clinics across the country, Mobility for Kids has been making a big difference in children’s lives. Therapists have told us that they’ve seen kids who have great difficulty walking, use the mobility devices and experience the freedom and joy of riding around—just like their siblings and friends.

We believe every child deserves that opportunity. If you agree, please consider donating to our Strive and Thrive program. It provides innovative mobility equipment and technology to hospitals and clinics around the country that are designed to enhance and improve children’s therapy sessions.

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