Surprise Donation Multiplied by Three

A Surprise Donation Multiplied by Three

When the owner of Riderentz, LLC started her company, she vowed that she would give back to the community when she could. A volunteer opportunity involving special needs children at Woodside church in Troy, Michigan led her to decide that her gift would be in the form of a Pumper Car® unit to the schools. It was a perfect fit since part of her business deals with helping people become mobile with rental cars. Just after the New Year she talked with several family members and friends, including Behzad Bokani, Jackie McGurk, and Shelton Manley. Together they pooled their charitable dollars to purchase not just one Pumper Car model for the Troy School District—but three.

Renee Pieciak, a physical therapist at the Troy Preschool, was thrilled at the idea of receiving more Pumper Car devices for her students. She had added a few to their physical education department several years ago because these low ride-on devices allow the students to safely climb on and off by themselves. Furthermore, they provide a great strengthening activity through therapeutic play. The workout that children receive when riding the Pumper Car device is particularly beneficial in two ways. It allows kids to use their upper and lower body. This workout then translates into helping them with their writing and fine motor activities within classroom.

With the generous gift of three units, the students at three schools will now benefit. A Pumper Car® Kinder™ vehicle was delivered to the Troy Preschool for the youngest students. Then a Pumper Car® Original™ model was given to the Preschool’s two feeder schools: Wass and Hamilton Elementary Schools. Ms. Pieciak says, “The advantage of this gift is that the students will be able to start with the Pumper Car in preschool and continue after they move to the elementary school. This will be particularly helpful for the special needs children with higher needs who will continue the programs they started.”

Ms. Pieciak went on to talk about this donation. “I thought receiving one unit, was exciting. Once I learned we’d be receiving three, it was absolutely unbelievable. We’ll put these Pumper Cars to good use and will use them for many years to come.”

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