Juan Maldonado, Jr. with his mother and father

The Generosity of a Pair of Donors

Two children with special needs benefited from the generosity of a pair of donors this week.

Last fall, Juan received possibly the best present ever: a family. He was adopted by Tiffany and Juan Maldonado, Sr. This eight-year-old boy loves to play and even enjoys his occupational therapy sessions because they include the use of a Pumper Car. He likes riding the Pumper Car so much that he asked his parents to buy him one. However, his parents felt this would be good time for him to learn the lesson of saving his allowance to help buy something he wants.

His first step was to write a letter to find out how much a Pumper Car costs so he’d know how much he needed to save. “Lucky” for him, the day after his letter was received, Mike Reece contacted us. He’d purchased a Pumper Car for his grandson years ago but the boy was now too big to ride it. Mr. Reece asked that since the car was still in great shape if he could donate it to a child who may need one. What perfect timing. We arranged for Juan Jr. to receive his Pumper Car a few days later. Now he just has to decide what else he’d like to save up for with his allowance.

Another child in Oregon received the gift of a Pumper Car almost the same day as Juan. Keith and Cindy Lampi found out how the Pumper Car is used as a therapy and mobility device for children with various health conditions. They decided to donate one in hopes of helping their friend’s daughter who has Down syndrome and finds it easier to crawl rather than walk. Now she’s able to move around like other children while riding her Pumper Car.

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