Boy with physical disabilities rides Pumper Car vehicle

Ultimate Form of Freedom for a Kid

To ride around the neighborhood is the ultimate form of freedom for a kid. Unfortunately, many with special needs can’t ride a bicycle. Take Emerson Kohn for example. This 9-year-old middle child of three sons has issues with balance and muscle strength. He’s about the same height as his 6-year-old brother and is much less physically developed.

One thing Emerson can do is ride a Pumper Car. He goes to Shriners Hospital in Tampa, Florida, for weekly physical therapy sessions. These include him riding a Pumper Car through the hallways to work on building muscle and core strength. Emerson’s parents agreed with his therapist that the use of a Pumper Car at home would build on the work done at his therapy sessions. However, the Kohns’ budget couldn’t extend to include the cost.

A couple across the country stepped forward a few weeks ago and decided to anonymously pay for a Pumper Car to be delivered to Emerson’s home, just in time for Christmas. These “angels,” as Mike Kohn, Emerson’s dad, calls them, have made a major difference in his son’s life. He said that with the “Shriners’ Hospital slated to close down permanently at the end of June, for Emerson to have the Pumper Car for home therapy is critical and very appreciated.” His father further commented that this device provides not only fun for his child, but also independence. Now Emerson can be like his brothers and peers, enjoying the freedom of riding around the neighborhood.

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